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Wastewater Treatment Plant and Activated Sludge

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Wastewater Treatment Plant and Activated Sludge


According to WEF, the term “Activated Sludge” designates a flocculent culture of organisms grown in regulated circumstances in aeration tanks. Activated sludge often has a brown hue. Waste activated biosolids or waste activated solids are other names for Wastewater Treatment and Activated Sludge. According to Science Direct, the sludge is made up of a range of microorganisms, 95% of which are different, primarily aerobic species of bacteria. Additionally, communities of fungus, protozoa, and more advanced invertebrates can be found in activated sludge.

Numerous towns frequently employ and rely on the activated sludge wastewater treatment method. In order to remove nutrients from the water, this procedure makes use of a multi-chamber reactor unit. In order to create and maintain aerobic conditions and to keep the sludge suspended, oxygen is required. Although there are many benefits to activated sludge wastewater treatment, it might not be suited in all circumstances.

Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment: What is It?

It is important to use activated sludge to treat wastewater. Raw sewage is blown with air or oxygen. Large amounts of water work best for it. In a unique tank, wastewater is mixed and oxygenated. During this process phase, either surface aerators or air or oxygen pumps are used to aerate the activated sludge tank. Organic materials in the wastewater are oxidised during the process, creating new cells, carbon dioxide, and water. The sludge particles can then be removed by gravity settling.

Activated Sludge Process: How Does it Work?

In order to remediate wastewater using the activated sludge technique, raw, unsettled sewage is blown with oxygen or air. The solids are broken apart by this procedure. In an active sludge chamber, the sewage is bubbled and the sewage liquor is released. Dead bacteria float to the surface and live bacteria sink to the bottom of the tank. Live bacteria are released into the watercourse or soakaway as clean water is pumped out. To fully grasp the operation of the entire activated sludge system, it is critical to understand what activated sludge is. As a result of the particles’ active swarming of good bacteria that break down sewage, the sludge is referred to as being activated.

Advantages of the Activated Sludge Treatment Process

There are numerous important benefits to using the activated sludge treatment method over alternative methods. The following benefits are provided by sewage treatment facilities that use the activated sludge treatment method as their main method of operation:

  • Reduction in the quantity of undesirable sludge.
  • The sewage treatment plants renew their populations of beneficial bacteria.
  • The activated sludge treatment procedure allows for longer emptying intervals.
  • It is a highly trustworthy process.
  • It is a simpler method.
  • Costs are minimised.
  • The procedure may not produce any smells.

Disadvantages of the Activated Sludge Treatment Process

There are certain limitations to the activated sludge treatment method, and it might not be suitable for all applications. The following are some disadvantages of activated sludge:

  • Some institutions can be discouraged from using this technology due to the high initial capital and operating costs.
  • Sludge and wastewater may need additional treatment or the appropriate discharge.

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