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Commercial RO Plant
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Industrial RO Plant
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Buy the Heavy Duty Commercial and Industrial RO Plant from Reliable Manufacturer & Supplier .

Commercial RO plant manufacturer

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant has an objective  to provide Budget-friendly, excellent water purification choice to commercial and industries in India and Abroad.Netsol Water has multiple  branches one of them is known as Commercial RO Plant .Netsol Water is a Top manufacturer , supplier and Exporter  of different different capacities of industrial and Commercial RO Plant in Delhi-Ncr region and India.We also Export our Commercial and Industrial RO Plant in Dubai , Kathmandu(Nepal) ,Saudi Arabia , Bangladesh & Afghanistan. Our RO plants range starts from 250 kld ro plant, 500kld ro Plant ,  to 1000 lph ro plant.NetSol, has made remarkable strides in the water and wastewater treatment sector, solidifying its position as a reputable brand in the Manufacturing of RO plant systems. We are also premier manufacturer of STP(Sewage treatment plant)  and ETP ( Effluent Treatment Plant ). Our water purification plant  is extemly effective and beneficial for many sectors, including restaurants, hospitals, schools, malls, and hotels,  make sure a reliable supply of clean and safe drinking water in large quantities. We have the world’s most leading and advance RO, UV, and UF technology to treat the water. We are  one of the best RO system manufacturers and suppliers who have an ISO certification for our quality of water purifications and excellent quality of the product.



Being a renowned and well-respected Commercial RO manufacturer , we guarantee high-quality delivery of the following solutions:

  • Systematic planning for plant installation
  • Creation of a project report for a modular Ro/mineral water bottle facility
  • Adequate supply of replacement components
  • By professionals in strategy, cost analysis
  • Modern alternatives for water plant engineering
  • Effective advice on plant maintenance
  • Incorporating new concepts to modify the plant to better meet client needs.
  • Altered plant layout and installation in accordance with client requests
  • Dedicated solutions for the domestic and industrial sectors.

Why we are marked as the best water and waste water treatment company!

India, which has a population of more than 1 billion, is the second-most populated nation on the planet. 522 million people, or around half of India’s population, publicly defecate. The lack of government planning, rising business privatisation, industrial and human waste, and governmental corruption are frequently cited as causes of India’s water issue. According to data from, The World Bank believes that unclean water and poor hygiene habits are to blame for 21% of infectious illnesses in India. Furthermore, diarrhoea kills more than 500 young children under the age of five every day in India alone.

Discussing all this to mark the necessity of our invention. We are a worldwide firm that helps municipal, industrial, and construction clients enhance how they process, handle, and manage water. We do this by offering cutting-edge technologies, services, and knowledge.

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Best Quality Guarantee

We are highly focused on the best quality of our products of RO Plants. With the best research team in the environmental field, we focus to discover new & innovative products for our Clients.

Corporate Services

With all new and heavy-duty Commercial RO Plant, we are ready to serve and reach the targeted goal of industries that need water at a high rate.

Customer service

Our 24*7 customer support on call and service engineers stand out from the league of RO Plant Manufacturers. With it, we are the leader of industry and 100% satisfaction of clients.

Contact for Commercial RO System

Our company focuses on every prospect of our client need and start manufacturing Commercial RO Plant in different capacity like- 100 LPH RO plant, 250 LPH RO plant, 500 LPH RO plant, 1000 LPH RO plant, 2000 LPH RO plant, 5000 LPH RO plant, 10000 LPH RO plant.

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