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Industrial RO Plant Manufacturer in Delhi_NCR,India

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial RO Plant within the Greater Noida, Delhi region of India. We are manufacturing and supplying the simplest quality of RO plants for our esteemed clientele since 2006. At Netsol Water , we always efforts to make sure extreme precision when it involves offering our clientele a myriad of fully-equipped industrial also as commercial RO plants featuring the simplest quality and standards. the whole range of RO plants supplied by us helps in reducing harmful impurities and comes equipped with membrane technology that reduces TDS present in water to the specified level. Our offered product comes with a flow of 50 LPH to 10000 LPH and reduces TDS up-to 95-99%.

A streamlined water treatment facility called a RO water plant eliminates contaminants, organic matter, and potentially harmful substances from raw water to provide fresh, clean water that may be used for a range of industrial applications. Netsol Water Solutions, the primary manufacturer of industrial and commercial RO plant in India, provides a RO water system that has attained ISO certification.


Is India’s top manufacturer of industrial RO plants Netsol Water Solution?


Netsol Water is a top manufacturer of equipment for water and wastewater treatment facilities. It starts its journey in 2012 with its own manufacturing facilities in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

In order to clean their organic green waste, wastewater, and water, we collaborate with several significant enterprises, such as Vedanta, NTPC, Sleep Well, as well as numerous start-up businesses, hospitals, universities, and schools.


For the treatment of waste and wastewater, it provides a wide range of products, including as sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, commercial and industrial RO plants, water ATMs, swimming pool filtering systems, and others.


Our Specialization for industrial RO Plants

At a reasonable cost, we modify our water systems to perfectly fit the requirements of our customers. To meet our clients’ needs, we provide both completely and partially automated solutions. Our reverse osmosis plant’s water system will endure longer because it is constructed of chrome steel. The available product water capacity, which ranges from a 100 LPH RO Plant to a 50000 LPH RO Plant, is available for usage by all types of businesses.


Seawater desalination, zero-liquid-discharge applications, and water recycling and reuse are all possible with our RO facilities. Being a dedicated manufacturer of RO Plants, we are worried about our customers’ desire for high-quality water in a certain quantity.


A turning moment in every industry’s life: Our Industrial RO Plant


As a result of its ongoing growth, India has seen a number of changes recently. One illustration of this trend is the installation of RO units all over India. In numerous commercial and industrial operations, they are important. Nevertheless, before moving, does anyone know the full term of RO, which is reverse osmosis technology utilized for a variety of applications. These plants are designed to filter and clean water. It can therefore be used for drinking and other things.


Many different businesses employ industrial RO plants:


The RO plant helps to purify contaminated water, which can then be used for a number of purposes, such as:


  1. Clean Water for Drinking
  2. Desalination
  3. sewage treatment
  4. Recovery of dissolved minerals, among other things,


We’ll guarantee the highest level of Industrial RO Plant quality.

No matter what kind of asset a person is willing to invest money in, quality is always preferred over quantity. This is not noteworthy. In our capacity as a provider of reverse osmosis systems, we make sure to give our customers the best exterior components, best technological design, dependable filter construction, and other relevant elements. It’s crucial that the best raw materials are used.

We are perfectly aware that the technique will provide poor results if subpar materials are used. Hence, NETSOL is the leading manufacturer of RO plants, providing a selection of RO plants while also ensuring the greatest quality for all of their output.


Price List for Different Capacities of Industrial RO Plant

RO Capacity Minimum Price Maximum Price
250-500 Litre/hour Rs. 85,000/ Piece Rs. 1,40,000/ Piece
500-1000 Litre/hour Rs. 1,40,000/ Piece Rs. 2,00,000/ Piece
1000-2000 Litre/hour Rs. 2,00,000/ Piece Rs. 3,50,000/ Piece
2000-4000 Litre/ hour Rs. 3,50,000/ Piece Rs. 12,00,000/ Piece
4000-6000 Litre/hour Rs. 12,00,000/ Piece Rs. 15,75,000/ Piece
6000-8000 Litre/hour Rs. 15,75,000/ Piece Rs. 17,50,000/ Piece
8000-10000 Litre/hour Rs. 17,50,000/ Piece Rs. 19,75,000/ Piece


The benefits of Netsol Water Solution’s industrial RO Plants are available in all capacities.


  1. Installation and maintenance are easy.
  2. The reverse osmosis method is trustworthy.
  3. It gets rid of organic substances with a high relative molecular mass, ionic salts, non-ionic, colloidal matter, viruses, active and inactive bacteria, and colloidal matter.
  4. The entire process is automated.
  5. It’s okay to drink the water that was extracted from the plant.


Last but not the least- Industrial RO Plant Manufacturer provides the best guidance for maintenance!


  1. Regular recording of all RO device operational parameters is required. Make the case for recording every two hours.
  2. The reverse osmosis membrane component needs to be cleaned frequently. The RO membrane’s permeability is reduced by the built-up sediments on its surface. A similar cleaning method based on chemical cleaning techniques for reverse osmosis membranes can be used for a number of reasons.
  3. Periodic testing of the PLC system, conductivity meter, and various pressure gauges to make sure the RO system is working.
  4. Consistent high-pressure pump and seawater pump inspections, as well as timely lubricant replacement in accordance with the maintenance manual.

Why Choose Us

Benefits of industrial RO plants

What do we offer?

Our RO plants already enjoy a good standing in the industry. The factors listed below are what makes this company successful as a producer of reverse osmosis plants:


  • They work well to purify brackish or saltwater water.
  • Our service is guided by three fundamental principles: innovation, technology, and quality.
  • Reverse osmosis membrane technology is used in our plants to filter water for industrial and consumption purposes.
  • We offer the most cost-effective plants on the market.

At a reasonable cost, we modify our water systems to match the unique needs of our clients. At a reasonable cost, we modify our water systems to match the unique needs of our clients.

To satisfy the needs of our customers, we provide fully automated and partially automated solutions. Our reverse osmosis plant is made of stainless steel and chrome steel, ensuring the long-term durability of the water system.


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