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Industrial RO water purifier price list

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Industrial RO water purifier price list

Considering the growing demand for clean, fresh water for drinking, cooking, and reuse of water, many manufacturing units from Netsol Water Solutions produce the industrial RO water purifier price list, which have a 95% removal rate for organic matter and other pollutants, making the water safe for reuse or discharge.

One of the first and most widely used methods of separation, reverse osmosis is primarily used to purify water. In 1950, the method was primarily used to desalinate seawater, but it was still a sluggish, labour-intensive procedure that was only feasible in a few labs. However, following much research and technological improvements, there were notable developments, particularly in the area of polymers and the creation of effective membranes.

Today, a lot of people utilize this method to purify water for commercial, residential, industrial, and scientific uses.

Let’s discuss about price of various Industrial RO plants.

Reverse osmosis is a technique in which the solution facet is subjected to an excessive amount of pressure, in order to overcome the force per unit area. This forces the pure solvent, which has been strained, past the semi-permeable membrane and out of the solution.

This approach has a wide range of real-world uses. The elimination of effluents from water, the purification of drinking water, the removal of salt from water molecules, etc. are a few examples.

How do Industrial RO plants function?

The following components are found in an industrial RO plant:

  • Pump for raw water
  • Filter with activated carbon
  • Sand filters
  • Pumps for Dosing
  • Micron Filter
  • Pump for high pressure
  • RO membrane
  • Reject drain
  • Recycling station
  • Product line for RO
  • Control Panel

Industrial RO water purifiers price list

Approximate price list of different industrial RO water purifiers
Industrial reverse osmosis water purifier: 1000 LPHRs. 1 Lac/-
Industrial water purifierRs. 3.5 Lac/-
Stainless steel industrial water purifierRs. 72,625/-
All-pack industrial water purifierRs. 3.5 Lac/-
Semi-automatic industrial RO purifierRs. 2.65 Lac/-
Automatic industrial RO purifierRs. 1.1 Lac/-
Hydro activated carbon filters RO filterRs. 12,000/-
Microfiber industrial Water filterRs. 1.85 Lac/-
Electric water filter systemRs. 1 Lac/-
TFI activated carbon filters industrial water filterRs. 2000/-
SS powder coating industrial RO filterRs. 1.15 Lac/-

Benefits of industrial RO plants

  1. Eliminates Sodium.
  2. Removes Lead.
  3. Lowers the Cost of Energy.
  4. Occupies a small space.
  5. Simple to maintain.
  6. Produces water for reuse.
  7. Simple to setup.
  8. Complete automation.


For both big and small flows, reverse osmosis is particularly effective at treating brackish, surface, and ground water. Pharmaceutical, boiler feed water, food and beverage, metal finishing, and semiconductor production, are a few examples of businesses that employ Industrial RO water purifier price list.

The Industrial RO systems manufactured by Netsol Water Solutions are very simple to maintain. Usually, all we can do to maintain them operating at their best is switch out their filters around every six months-1 year.

Look through our selection of RO plants and select the one that best meets your needs. We are one of the top NCR’s producers of industrial RO plants. For any other support, inquiries, or product purchases, call on +91-9650608473 or email at

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